• Ceremony Questions

  • Medical Questions

    The following questions may be painful for you. Please note that all information given is kept strictly confidential. It is not our intention to relive any traumas/pain you may have lingering or affecting you, but it helps us understand what self-healing modalities we can undertake or prepare for you.We also ask these questions because you'll be working in a group, usually with strangers, during our retreats and courses. We want to ensure a safe, healing space for all participants involved.If you do not feel comfortable describing the associated medical detail, please write how you feel. If you'd prefer to only discuss it over the phone or Skype during our follow-up, then please note that in the details field. Thank you so much for your honesty and understanding. ♥
  • General Questions

    Please be aware that we share this magical place filled with indigenous species of flora and fauna who call the jungle 'home.' We do everything in our power to love and respect all living beings. We ask that you respect everything by admiring their uniqueness and beauty from a distance. Please do not touch unless otherwise guided/instructed to do so.
  • Why is the Ayahuasca Diet and Preparation so important?

    This diet is crucial to prepare your physical body for the Ayahuasca journey and to allow for full integration of the plant medicine. When we are occupied with and distracted by impure foods or activities, it makes it more difficult to focus on the Medicine. It can also make ceremonies much more challenging when one has to purge more than necessary because of dietary or lifestyle choices.Adhering to the diet is a test of discipline and displays respect for and commitment to the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca. This type of diet is a common, time-honoured tradition among Ayahuasca practitioners and shamans across the Peruvian Upper Amazon.
  • Dietary Restrictions

    We recommend that guests begin their diet at least seven days prior to drinking Ayahuasca. A minimum of 5 days before or after is recommended if 7 days isn’t doable. On one level, the diet involves shifts in the food that we digest, but equally important are the changes in what we ingest mentally and energetically. Incorporation of solitude and minimal talking and the elimination of idle chitchat are very important. For those living in modern countries, the diet also involves abstinence from television, radio, mass media, and any other activities that alter perception without your participation.
  • Restrictions Include:

    • No salts (e.g. table salt, soya sauce, fish sauce, etc.) • No sugar or artificial sweeteners (Stevia, aspartame, agave, etc.) • No pork/red meat (for fourteen days before and after a ceremony) • No caffeine • No animal fat (lard, etc.) • No dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) • No oil (except coconut/olive oil very sparingly) • No hot spices/ chilies/ pepper • No ice cold or carbonated drinks • No dried fruits • No vinegar or pickled foods • No spinach • No yeast or yeast extracts • No fermented foods (kimchi) • No alcohol • No recreational or prescription drugs (anti-depressants, benzos, marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, etc.) • No fluoride toothpaste • No sexual activity of any kind including masturbation, kissing, and raising kundalini energy. • No discordant music, reading or movies • You also want to avoid synthetic soaps, perfumes, toiletries, etc.