Christian will shift his consciousness to connect with the spirit world. He will connect with spirit people who are directly related to the client. Through this connection, he will bring through evidential information about the past over friend or family member which include but not limited to, physical descriptions, personality traits, memories, information about other family members connected to the client. This will form the body of the evidential aspect of the reading and will help to build the connection giving freedom for the spirit person to also bring through message of help and guidance for the client.

No Medium can guarantee that the person you wish to communicate with will come through during the reading. However, as long as you understand the information, Christian asks that you are open and receptive to those who do communicate during your reading, but more importantly to be open to and enjoy the experience.


From time to time we all require some guidance and reassurance in our lives. Christian helps to provide this by blending with your own energy, rather than that of the spirit world. By doing so, he is able to use his psychic abilities to read your auric field, tapping into your past, present and future potentials. Helping you overcome obstacles in your life, and to cast light on the qualities and potentials that are present in your energy.

Sometimes the spirit-world will work alongside Christian as he works on the psychic level. Your loved ones do this to reassure you that despite being in the spirit-world they too are aware of the situations in your life. They will often give a message of comfort and support that will add to, or confirm, what Christian has said on the psychic level.

Christian aims to give a truthful, honest and accurate reading that leaves you feeling uplifted.

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